ERQ Onyx wins AT/CH Battle­grounds!

Last week the new team ERQ Onyx, won the second round of the AT/CH Battlegrounds, against one of our oldest rivals: Arctic Gaming Dusk It was a really intense series. In the first game our guys had some trouble to come into play. They were falling behind more and more and lost the game in the ead clearly. But luckily they managed to comeback and decide the next two games in their favor.ERQ Onxy consists of the former ERQ White botlane Nardur and Loolil.

Those two guys had an amazing synergy out of nearly 1000 duo queue games. While searching for players, first off they encountered a jungler… his name is Greenfire and he was the jungler from silent Reapers. They didn’t need to play a lot of games to find out, that this guy was amazing, especially when it comes to being at the right place, at the right time.

His performance through the whole battlegrounds was pretty awesome and his Zac jumps always on point!On the toplane: Radiisli from AG Dawn! You can’t say he’s the most aggressive toplaner but he nearly never loses his lane and he got really nice “Teleportplays”. In the first game of the finals he had some trouble to perform on Malphite, but in the following two games he carried the team very hard with his Ekko plays. In the midlane we have the former marksman of BEV Hypnos it’s non other than: Leo!! This guy is for sure one of the best farmers in the swiss scene. You nearly never see him under 300 farm at the 30′ mark and his mechanics are pretty nice too. Also he started the “reverse sweep” with a godlike performance on Ahri. All in all we finally got an ERQ Team that broke the curse and won a tournament. I’m really proud on our new team and I’m looking forward to next tournaments to see how theyr’e doing against other top teams. (Below you can find the games as image)