ERQ baked his way to fifth Place!

ERQ’s Schwarzgwäudereti Sturzschwarte àlà Sonndo

At the switzerlan we already showed, that we are much more than just an open division team. With our unexpected and really solid fifth place out of 68 Teams, we managed to beat very strong teams and also got a game of Aequilibritas in the Top 8 final bracket.

Qualifier Ranking
Top 8 Final Bracket

Also after the switzerlan we just got a new addition to the team with Dario “Xoronn” Hostettler our new jungler for the main team. We are now ready to make the run to the premier division, it will take some time, but we’re not made to excist just a few days. With some coins flippin up and down we lucked our way to the clincher cup and finally showed our quality. With a well prepared draft we managed to take down Bangtan Boys Gaming and “ds ganze Wallis” aka Valais eSports both with 2:0. Just a little shoutout to the intermediate division, we didn’t come stay long 😉 See yaaa on the rift!

Clincher CUP